We are a old school training gym with added bling and sh*t loads of USA influences, New equipment, Ultra clean environment with plenty of great music and everyone is equal, All egos get left at the door as we are all the same here! 

UPDATE!! Feb 2018 we have had a 2nd floor installed so now we have DOUBLE the gym with extra equiptment and loads more room for the same price!!!

We LOVE a body transformation! So if you are willing to put in the hard work we are here to help, Plus size ladies and gents wanting to shed the lbs/stones or the more "average joe" looking to sculpt a new body....anything is possible if you want it enough!

The Muscle Makers Family


Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Instructor


Ultra friendly despite the Cruella look, very grounded and very honest in opinions. Makes everyone feel at home, Always ready for a laugh or a good natter.

Gastric bypass patient, 15 stone weight loss so far,

Very pro body confidence in people no matter what ever the shape/size/weight/age/gender etc. Gone are the days of gyms been male orientated, My goal is getting the "ordinary" woman comfortable in the gym.

Russ Strong



Diet Coach, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Andy is very passionate about sports and the gym lifestyle. He has been a personal trainer over 20 years and a competitive bodybuilder winning several titles including 4 x MR SCOTLAND. He specialises in body transformation, diet coaching & competition prep.

Diet plans & advice is always on hand here,

Male & female clients of all body types, Post injury or Pre contest, Everything is covered.

OFFICIAL Boxercise instructor,

He is also Scottish so we offer translation if needed!

Arnold aka Armundo

Gym Dog

Arnold is our gym dog and fave family member, He has fun all day laid behind the desk waiting for everyone leaving him empty water bottles that he loves to chew.

He is 2 year old now so is going to be a big boy, he puts this down to his hours in the gym with his rubber dumbbell and battle rope dragging.


Ladies Boot/Gymcamp

We have a ladies only bootcamp that is every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 6pm 

Saturday 9am 

Sunday 11am

Classes are £3, you do not need to book and they last a hour. FREE TO GYM MEMBERS & PERSONAL TRAINING CLIENTS

Social Butterflys

So here we love social media!!! Especially Facebook, 

please check us out and like our page to see all the offers we offer weekly, 

Pictures and more videos of what goes on here can also be seen there.

Diet Plans/Workouts

We are on hand for diet plans to gym members or personal training clients. We are more than happy to take time out to have a talk to you about diet etc also,

Just ask us.

Personal Training

Both Andy & Krystina offer personal training,

We always work with whatever goal you have,

Every session is different and our aim is to give you that p[ush every time you are here plus giving you knowledge of how to use everything correctly.

Call us to get that body as awesome as your personality

01709 296263