You wont get the ass you want by sitting on it​!

Here at Muscle Makers Gym you need to beware, We are a modern day 2017 bench pressing, lifting, planking, dead lifting Pandora's box that once you enter you may find it very hard to leave!

We thrive on feel good energy, making everyone the best they can be, confidence should be pumping through your veins.

Working out in what ever form you are doing it needs to be enjoyed, so be it our booty shaking music or our tailored equipment you will feel great and enjoy doing it.

We believe the gym is a feel good factor however much you dread it after been here you WILL feel better, Everyone had to start somewhere and even the pros were once amateurs.

Think you are too fat to come to the gym? WRONG!!

Think you are too old to start training? WRONG!!

Think there will be Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalikes here judging you? WRONG!!

Women who lift weights look like men? WRONG!!

Most of the reasons we hear why people don't come to the gym are more confidence orientated rather than actual facts. 

The gym is a little family owned and constantly ran by Andy & Krystina (and Arnold the gym English bull terrier gym dog) we are here from 8AM- 9.30PM (Last entry is 8.45PM)

The gym is spread out over 2 floors with plenty of character and equipment for all!

We have a supersized sunbed that is built for the big and tall and even the short ones as it has a built in lift, it has super strong tubes and booster leg tanners. 

You will be sure to have no white bits in this bed as you can stand very comfortable in a perfect starfish pose down. 

WARNING!!! this room may cause spontaneous selfies it is that bling.

SOME OF OUR MACHINES - Vertical Leg Press, ISO lat pull down, Lifefitness lat pull down, ISO row, Seated row, HUGE cable crossover, Corner cable crossover, Seated Row, Pec Dec, T-bar row, Lying hamstring curl, Seated hamstring curl, Squat rack, Power rack, Leg extension, Sissy squat, Hack squat, Leg press, ISO chest press, Stair master, Tredmills, Crosstrainers, Spin bike, Exercise bikes, Inner thigh machine, Outer thigh machine, Back extension, Glute blaster oxide machine, Lever squat, Bench press, Chains, Assorted bars/Attachments, Full range of 1kg-50kg dumbells, Hex Bar, ISO shoulder press, Vibration plate, Kettlebells, Powerbags, Dip/Assited dip machine,

Classic Dorian Yates Pullover machine, Ab Machine, Stepper,  Stretch mats/Bands/Bosu

Andy is always on the gym floor polishing his iron, he is very proud of his equipment. He is a fountain of knowledge so is always eager to help other out with different training techniques etc. 

Andy is 4 x N.A.B.B.A Mr Scotland although he hates us broadcasting that it means he has been there and done that on the competitive bodybuilding side of things.

We have a range of stage wear in stock for bodybuilding competitions along with props such as wings and work along side a fabulous designer who can make you exactly what you are wanting.

In the gym we have our "Protein Bar" think Tom Cruise in Cocktail but with bigger guns and more protein, We always have at least 15 flavours in stock to pick from.

Pre-workouts sold by per shot including - Curse, Poison Labs, Jack3d, Critical Pump, 5% Nutrition, Tanked Smash plus loads more.

Come down and give us a try,

First visit FREE, plus induction and action plan on joining for a month+

Personal Training With Andy/Krystina

Supersized Sunbed